VIDEO. Why do leaves fall from trees when fall arrives?

A carpet of dead leaves – © Simon Berger / Unsplash 2020

If everyone knows that the falling leaves is synonymous with autumn, who knows the compelling reasons? No, the adjective is not too strong. Because if the trees get rid of their leaves – after having “killed” them, it should be said in passing – it is only… so as not to die themselves!

Live and Let Die

Imagine that when the cold begins to set in, the fluids that pass through the leaves may freeze. The trees then have, theoretically, two possibilities: to maintain their temperature, at the risk of spending all their energy on it, or to let them die to keep only their most vigorous elements, namely the trunk, bark and branches. We better understand their “choice”, right?

Discover the different – and surprising – stages of leaf fall in this video from our partner Brut :

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