Video: Woman went to the movies and found her husband with his lover | Trends

Although the country in which this occurred is unknown, some have assured that it is in Colombia; However, this is the least of it, because Movie theater goers never expected to see a live infidelity movie like the one they were able to witness.

As you can see from the pictures, The woman arrives recording and with the light of the cell phone’s flashlight she points to the man and the woman who were sitting enjoying the movieWhen the woman realizes that she was being recorded, she runs away and the man turns to look to realize that the person who was recording it was his partner.

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The man is hardly scared and the woman begins to insult him and his lover.At such a point that the subject runs out of the movie theater.

Then a video appeared in which the lover is seen, who had a white dress, clutched with what would be the partner of the man in question and, as seen in the video, apparently they fight over a cell phone.

The videos were posted on a TikTok account where they have already accumulated thousands of views and hundreds of comments talking about the embarrassing episode and leaving the occasional joking comment.

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