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A 6-year-old boy spent more than $ 16,000 of his mother’s money (almost 55 million Colombian pesos) on improvements for his videogame favorite without her knowing. Worst? The money could not be recovered.

The ‘small’ expense occurred in Wilton, a town in the northern state of Connecticut (United States), where the woman, her husband and their two children live.

The details of the story were shared by the mother to the American tabloid ‘New York Post’.

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As he said, it all started last July, when he decided to lend his iPad to the boy, the youngest of two brothers.

What I did not know is that while she teleworked, his son spent thousands of dollars on ‘Sonic Forces’, a racing game starring ‘Sonic’, a blue hedgehog with super speed.

‘Sonic Forces’ para Apple.


Sonic / Game Screenshot

The boy used the iPad to buy the power-ups (‘boosters’) he needed to perform better in his game. To do so, he entered the application directly from the Apple App Store and, once inside, he bought the products through his mother’s Chase digital bank.

The ‘boosters’ allowed, for example, access exclusive characters and increase their speed.

Sonic Force

‘Sonic Forces’ is a game for Apple with integrated purchases.


Sonic / Game Screenshot

According to the ‘New York Post’, on July 9 the woman noticed that something strange was happening: that day she found that they had been carried out 25 transactions on your account for a total value of $ 2,500.

In no time, that figure rose to $ 16,293.

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Worried that it was a mistake or that she was being the victim of cybercriminals, the mother called the bank, then, she assured the ‘New York Post, “the way the charges were grouped made it almost impossible to tell that they came from a game. “

Chase, his dealer, asked him to wait while he investigated whether it was a fraud. The answer came until October: he said that, indeed, the payments had been made from his account and that it was best to contact Apple.

It was then that he began to review the transactions one by one. On one he saw the ‘Sonic’ icon. “I knew immediately that it was my son,” he added to the ‘New York Post’.

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He immediately called Apple customer service. They told him there was nothing they could do because he had not called in the 60 days after the incident.

“I explained to them why I had not done it, Chase had asked me to wait (…) I told them that I was not going to be able to pay the mortgage, but they only told me that there was a configuration to avoid such incidents,” he said.

The situation caused the income of women to drop by 80%, So she doesn’t think she can give her husband and kids any Christmas.

He does not blame him for his mistake. “When I told him what had happened, he told me he was going to make it up to me (…) My son did not understand that this money was real. How could I? He is playing a cartoon game in a world that he knows is not real, “he reflected for ‘New York Post’.

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Finally, the woman recommended other parents to check their security settings on their technological devices. “I am horrified that an incident like the one I experienced is possible in these games and that devices Apple are not preconfigured to avoid it, “he concluded.



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