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Viena Capellanes, the hundred-year-old Madrid restaurant company that operates through some twenty pastry shops and cafeterias and also provides catering services and third-party companies, makes the definitive leap to the online channel. The company is preparing to launch a service for the sale of prepared dishes through the internet and throughout Spain, with the expectation of starting its activity in the last quarter of this year.

It will do so through the subsidiary Cuídate con Viena SL, created this summer and whose record appeared in the Official Gazette of the Mercantile Registry this Wednesday. Through it, he will articulate the aforementioned project, as the general director of Viena Capellanes, Antonio Lence, explains to this newspaper, who recognizes that the definitive name of the service is yet to be specified. “The project wants to be a reference in the online sale of homemade dishes prepared, based on a Mediterranean diet, healthy and of high quality”, describes Lence.

Currently, Viena Capellanes already offers an online sales service through its website. However, its CEO explains that the new service will be based on its own and specific offer for the internet of fifth-range or prepared dishes, in addition to being accompanied by a nutritional advice service.

The idea of ​​the company is to launch the new line of business throughout Spain, despite the fact that its classic business is concentrated in the Community of Madrid. “It is a national project. We are looking for logistics partners to do it, ”says Lence.

This recognizes that the creation of this line of business is an attempt to compensate for the fall and income that Viena Capellanes has suffered in the service to third companies and that accounted for almost half of the sales. “Most of those we provided services to have not yet reestablished canteens or maintain a high rate of teleworking. We have to replace it in some way, although the clients tell us that the idea is to return to normality ”.

Precisely the loss of a large part of this business led to the application of an employment regulation file that affected 280 workers, almost half of the workforce. “Hopefully with the online project and a recovery of the companies we can recover part of those affected,” says Lence.

The street business, less affected

The imminent relaxation of capacity restrictions in the hospitality industry of the Community of Madrid gives air to the Vienna Capellanes coffee shops, although its general director explains that those located in areas with greater affluence have withstood the crisis better. Not so those located in office areas. “In general, the street business is not so touched,” says Lence.


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