Vienna is now the state with the most corona dead – Vienna

Styria has long led the tragic ranking of corona deaths in Austria – now it has been overtaken by Vienna. The federal capital already reports 130 deaths.

As of Wednesday evening, a total of 129 people who had been infected with the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus died in the green heart of Austria. Most recently, three new deaths were reported, two men (born in 1931 and 1943) from the state capital of Graz and one woman (born in 1941) from the Graz-Umgebung district. Thanks to this tragic development, Styria has long topped Austria’s black list of corona dead. But since this week it is different.

From the current figures from the Ministry of Social Affairs, more deaths have now been reported in Vienna than in any other federal state. The federal capital counted 130 dead until Wednesday, 8 a.m., in connection with Covid-19. Most recently, two women (born in 1932 and 1934) and one man (born in 1935) had died.

From Monday to Tuesday there had been a surge in the number of deaths in Vienna after 13 deaths were reported from mid-March to early April.

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