“Vienna Ruiz temporarily replaces Elianis Garrido on ‘I Know Everything’ during her vacation in Europe”

2023-05-29 20:56:38

While the Barranquilla is on vacation in Europe, taking a tour of the main cities, in the Channel One program they have already covered their place.

Viena Ruiz, that presenter who changed the way of giving serious news With a spicy touch, so that there would be greater interest, he has expressed that he wants to return to the world of show business. Well, it seems that the first step of his return is taking it in ‘I know everything’temporarily replacing Elianis Garrido.

That was the surprise that the viewers and followers of the gossip, show business and entertainment space received, in the broadcast on Monday, May 29. And it is that, the previous week, the person in charge of taking Garrido’s place had been a man who works in the production of the show, but who is not as well known on screen.

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At the time, Ruiz became well known and famous for the section ‘The secret things of Vienna’, which had space at the end of the CM& News. She later went to Noticias Caracol, presenting a similar section, in the first years of the private channels, no longer as producers or programmers.

Elianis Garrido’s replacement in ‘I know everything’, while he is on vacation, is Viena Ruiz

Monday’s program began with Ariel Osorio and ‘Mafe’ Romero on the screen, but they showed a third chair to the side, many thought that Elianis would arrive or Oswaldo Martínez would be there, who had been presenting in previous days. But the main presenter’s announcement put everyone in doubt: “What’s going on here? We are like in the Pastrana government, with an empty chair”while his partner said: “There is a sentimental absence and there is no one”.

Immediately, Osorio announced with great encouragement to the public of the program, which is now broadcast every day in the afternoon:

“Calm down, don’t worry, I’m bringing one of my height. Today I bring from the capital Paisa, beautiful, full of flowers, the most beautiful flower of Colombian entertainment: Viena Ruiz is with us”.

Screenshot ‘I know everything’

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For those who do not remember, given the health problems presented by Elianis Garrido herself, who It even caused him to black out while he was live., Vienna had taken this place. This is how Ariel Osorio himself recalled it: “Welcome, my dear Vienna, to ‘I know everything’, again. She had already accompanied us ”. Y ‘Mafe’ Romero said: “Because the good is repeated and it must be said”.

Obviously, it is not the same style and it is not what viewers are used to seeing with Elianis Garrido, due to his attitude and Caribbean tone. But for Viena Ruiz this work is not strange and he handles the tone of this type of program well.

And for now, it seems that she will be in charge of occupying the chair of the absentee, who has not yet confirmed the date of her return to the country and to work on the program.

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