Vieri: “Chiesa gave Juve qualification with that goal. But a very negative performance”

Christian Vieri had his say on Juventus’ performance during a live broadcast twitch on Bobo tv. Against Porto, Pirlo’s team lost 2-1: “Chiesa qualified for Juve with that goal. Returning to Turin with 2-0 would have been heavy, now even 1-0 is enough for him and therefore the match Juve will be able to play it in a different way than with 2-0. With 2-0 you have to speed up the game, you have to do fast. In my opinion, Chiesa has removed Juventus from the mer **, now in Turin the game will be played in a different way. Tonight I saw just zero. There are some mistakes if you want to set up from the bottom, but Juve must play differently in the Champions League otherwise you struggle and lose with everyone. The performance was very negative, “he said.


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