Vietnam Ba Na Hills, 5 check-in spots you shouldn’t miss happy family

Who is planning to take parents and family to travel abroad near Thailand? because the journey will not be tired An interesting option that is trending right now must be given. Vietnam Tour, Ba Na Hills (Bana Hills), organized as a new attraction in Da Nang City, Central Vietnam, which is very good with the atmosphere of a French village on a mountain. The weather is nice and cool all year round. Feel like traveling to Europe in Asia, and also have pointstravelOutstanding for full-flavoured fun If you want to know how to travel in Vietnam Ba Na Hills? Today, P’ Mushroom, cuddle, room travel has 5 check-in spots. Don’t miss it. Let’s recommend!

1. View from a high angle at the Golden Bridge (Golden Bridge)

Come Tour Ba Na Hills Must not miss the highlight that must go and must go only!! That’s the Golden Bridge, a floating bridge in the palm of a giant hand. a golden bridge A distance of about 150 meters, with a giant paw or the hand of God. set up as a prominent pillar protruding from the hill to support the bridgetravelWalked for a panoramic view Ready to take cool photos with a beautiful atmosphere as if in heaven

2. Take beautiful photos In the French Village


Visiting Vietnam Ba Na Hills will see the beautiful atmosphere. as if traveling to Europe because here there The French Village is filled with European buildings and architecture. Because in the past Ba Na Hills used to be a French vacation home in Vietnam. The village was built in a replica of the classic medieval French architecture. beautiful romantic It’s like being in France. can come and take pictures Walk around the beautiful church without boredom And there are also rooms.

3. Relax in a chill atmosphere In a room on Ba Na Hill


The best oftourist attractionThis is the Mercure Ba Na Hills French Village (Mercure Danang French Village) luxury accommodation in the middle of the valley. It is a hotel on the top of a mountain, 1,500 meters above the water level.sea Luxuriously decorated in a 19th-century European village with over 160 rooms, the atmosphere is as classy as the French abbreviated to Vietnam. Suitable for bringing parents and family to relax and recharge.

4. Marvel at the shows and rides in Fantasy Park


Vietnam Ba Na Hills is a resort that is suitable for the whole family.tourist attractionBeautiful, there is also Fantasy Park, a theme park inspired by the creation of an amusement park based on a French novel. And is an amusement park that can be played by the whole family. There are rides of fairy tales, dinosaur parks, 3D, 4D and full 5D movies to enjoy!! As for anyone who takes their parents on a trip and doesn’t like playing on the rides. The amusement park also has a fun show. To watch all day.

5. Pay respect to the sacred place on Ba Na Hills


After exploring the amusement park Ba Na Hills tour There are also sacred places for us to worship for good fortune, including:

– Walk and pay homage to the Tombstone Temples in the middle of the mountains
– Linh Phong Zen Monastery, a Buddhist monastery Surrounded by a shady garden There are 9 floors in total, each floor has a bronze bell hanging on its four corners, symbolizing the divine reverberation. can go up to see the view above A bird’s-eye view of the French village watch the sunrise
– Followed by important temples such as Linh Chua linh Tu Temple, Chinese style, mountain scenery.
– Linh Ung Pagoda, beautiful religious architecture There is a big Buddha in the middle of the valley striking arch Located on a beautiful, quiet location, higher than the water level.sea 1,500 meters above sea level

I can tell you that I traveled to Vietnam at Ba Na Hills. It’s really fun for all ages and genders. Plus, the atmosphere is beautiful and suitable for relaxing. Anyone who wants to take their parents on a trip, click to view the program. Ba Na Hills tour from Mushroom Travel, we have selected a good program. Let the traveler get the best value for money. Travel comfortably and will surely fall in love with the whole family.

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