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Yesterday (18), a netizen shared in “Dcard” that he had been in Vietnam when he was a child, and he could not be troubled by daily Vietnamese conversations. A year ago, he was sent to receive Vietnamese exchange students and he became a Vietnamese girlfriend. The communication between two people is barrier-free, and they get along more enjoyable.

▲The man was terrified when he received the photo from his girlfriend. (Schematic/Data Photo)

Half a year ago, the Vietnamese girlfriend returned home after finishing the exchange semester. She also said that she would return to Vietnam to deal with the family affairs, and will come to Taiwan to study after the epidemic is over. The two maintain long-distance contacts, and they will talk on the phone every night.

Unexpectedly, about two months ago, the school had another group of Vietnamese foreign students who came to Taiwan to learn Chinese. The original PO was once again sent to receive female students from Hanoi. He recalled, “We get along every day. At first I kept a distance from her because of my girlfriend, but she was quite clingy and often went out to play with me. Gradually, I became a little seasick, and then it became a bit like a couple’s way of getting along. “.

It wasn’t until a week ago that the original PO found out that his girlfriend had a sister. He was shocked when he saw the photo. His girlfriend’s sister was the object of the ambiguity now, which made him distressed. “I dare not tell the two of them about this now. Are they all clean? Or should we slowly alienate one of them? What should we do? Will this be scumbag?”

Netizens looked at Tata, “Just don’t fall in love if you feel seasick casually! Don’t hurt other girls”, “This will happen in reality?” “You are a scum, what can you say”, “Vietnamese girls will get angry. Cut GG directly, rat tail juice”, “I don’t really believe that my sisters will not talk about these things, they actually know it for a long time, you can be more blinded in the test!”

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