Vietnamese was released: there was no formalization for human trafficking in the absence of a translator | National

The Vietnamese citizen that she was detained during the last hours and that she was going to be formalized by human trafficking.

Thi Thu Nguyen, 34, is accused of bringing five compatriots into the country with the promise of job offers.

However, they were eventually delivered to chinese merchants who made them work under very poor conditions and without pay.

The woman was apprehended by the Metropolitan Trafficking and Trafficking Brigade of the Investigative Police (PDI) and was at the disposal of the Public Ministry to be formalized before the Melipilla Guarantee Court.

But, the hearing did not come to an end because interpreters were not counted in court and the Vietnamese Consulate did not provide one either.

Given this, it was determined to release the woman, who must be submitted in March to carry out the formalization of the crime that is charged, according to the prosecutor Paola Zárate, of the High Complexity Unit of the Western Prosecutor’s Office.

The Vietnamese citizen cannot leave the country since there is an arrest warrant against him.

Apart from the five people mentioned above, Thi Thu Nguyen is investigated for the case of a Vietnamese woman from Cabildo, which was exploited by a Chinese merchant and then thrown into the streets. In that case, the accused would have participated in the arrival of the victim to Chile.

This article describes an ongoing legal process

There is a possibility that the charges will be dismissed at the end of the investigation, therefore The accused should NOT be considered as guilty until Justice dictates sentence against him.
(Article 04 of the Code of Criminal Procedure)


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