View to Florida and Pennsylvania

Dark hints: Trump says the election could be “stolen” from him. What can this lead to?
Image: AFP

Watch out for Florida! If the signs were to be on Biden there, Trump would no longer have great chances. If not, then Pennsylvania comes into focus. Especially for the lawyers.

Vmaybe all the fuss was in vain. Maybe the result is simply too clear in the end. Perhaps Florida will provide a reliable trend as early as election night. And maybe then what many Democrats currently dare to say in a whisper because of the trauma of 2016: a landslide victory for Joe Biden.

Majid Sattar

Political correspondent for North America based in Washington.

Florida, the state that came out in 2000 for the hang-up between George W. Bush and Al Gore was responsible, this time could actually clear things up quickly. At the time, the counting chaos meant that it was only 36 days after the election date that it was clear who would follow Bill Clinton in the White House. Because of the embarrassment, the state reformed its electoral system. Since October 19, early voters in the “Sunshine State” have cast their votes. In addition, the state is one of those in which a postal vote can be requested without justification. A large number of voters in the third largest state with around 22 million inhabitants have made use of one of the two options. The envelopes must be received by Tuesday evening. The deadline was not extended in Florida despite the pandemic.


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