viewers furious with Amel Bent after a clash with Vianney in The Voice!

If the atmosphere was fine during the evening, some small “spikes” between coaches did not escape the viewers! And in particular the one sent by Vianney to Amel Bent, during the passage of the talented Belgian, Mentissa, which was unanimous among the coaches.

Once Mentissa’s performance was over, it was Vianney who hastened to speak: “Listen, I turned around quite quickly, it was solar because you gave me the demonstration of what I ‘was awkwardly trying to explain earlier, and I’m glad Amel is taking reality in the face, reality. Even if we have a huge voice, the fact of offering something so subtle and sensitive, suddenly, it’s modern, it’s solar, it’s fresh and I still hear the great voice ” , said the interpreter of “Step-daddy”, before Amel Bent begins to laugh nervously.

And it must be said that these words worked, since the young Mentissa chose to join Vianney’s team. And obviously, that did not please Amel Bent too much: “You do not give me full face eh! I was in ‘Vianney he’s new’ mode, ”she retorts. “Pardon my Amel… you didn’t take it in joke mode?” », Answers Vianney. “Oh no, we felt it in personal attack mode,” replied the singer, visibly upset.

And on Twitter, these little spikes exchanged between the two coaches made Internet users react a lot: “Thank you to Vianney for putting Amel Bent back in his place, it feels good”, “Amel Bent is very susceptible, she is unbearable, get out of the way. there TF1 “,” Poor Vianney “,” I feel stupid I don’t like the singer Vianney but I really appreciate the coach he looks super interesting, fresh, humble and he is not in false compliments like Amel Bent or Jenifer before ”,“ Thank you Vianney for subtly putting Amel Bent back in place, she must stop believing herself in the center, it’s exhausting ”, we read on Twitter. To say the least, viewers seem to have chosen their side!


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