Viewers worried about Chantal and Martijn during quarter of Voice of Holland

Viewers of The voice of Holland were worried during the last live show for the semi-final. Not only if their favorite candidates go ahead, but especially what exactly was empty between Chantal Janzen and Martijn Krabbé.

Voicefans tweeted enthusiastically. Last week they were worried about Martijn Krabbé’s striking orange complexion, this week his cohost Chantal Janzen was under the magnifying glass.

Little sparkling

And where is true: the 40-year-old presenter was not really her sparkling self. She looked somewhat absent and occasionally reacted somewhat slowly to what was happening around her. Tweeting viewers happily speculated: would she have a flu among the members? Or is there a bonus behind the scenes between the two star presenters? One thing is certain, Martijn and Chantal reached the end of the broadcast and TV-watching the Netherlands was left with many questions.


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