Vijay: There is no caste or religion in the ‘Tamil’ certificate

Chennai : Tamil superstar Vijay’s school certificate does not mention religion and caste, says actor’s father and director SA Chandrasekhar. “When Vijay was admitted to the school, he was given the word ‘Tamil’ in the caste and religion columns in the application. At first the schoolchildren did not agree. The son was born in Tamil Nadu. The language is Tamil. Therefore, it was decided that it should be called ‘Tamil’. They quietly surrendered after being told they would struggle to close the school. Since then, Vijay’s certificate has used the word ‘Tamil’ instead of ‘caste’. We give importance to caste. If desired, the caste may not be mentioned when enrolling the children in the school. In that case, the caste will disappear in the future, “he said. The revelation was made at the audio release function of the new Tamil film ‘Sayam’.


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