‘Vikings’ closes its saga with an eye on its sequel

Fans of ‘Vikings’ are in luck. The agonizing wait to see the avatars of the warriors comes to an end. TNT broadcasts this weekend the ten episodes with which the series finally ends, some chapters that are also available on demand on Movistar +, Orange TV and Vodafone. The series created by Michael Hirst faces its end with the most uncertain vicissitudes for its three protagonists: Ivar (Alex Høgh Andersen), Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) and Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith). Now it only remains to invoke the grace of Odin, Thor or Freya.

The new sets in the saga of Ragnar Lodbrok and his sons have to knot many unfinished stories. The invasion of the Rus that threatens Kattegad, the final destination of the dying Björn; the fate of Ivar Sin Huesos and the trip to the extreme west of Ubbe. All these adventures will be solved in this weekend’s installment. When it ends, the staunch followers of the series will be able to follow the adventures of the fierce Vikings in the sequel to this production, whose action takes place one hundred years later. But before reaching this point, put the finishing touch on the saga.

“The ending was, of course, deeply emotional, because it meant killing some of my favorite characters. I was looking for a good ending and I think we have achieved it, I hope no one is disappointed “, says Michael Hirst in an interview with the US media.

Many of the locations do not correspond to landscapes of Scandinavia, but of Ireland.

Throughout the six seasons, Michael Hirst has told in almost a hundred chapters the story of Ragnar, a powerful Viking warrior, founder of House Lothbrok and supposed descendant of the god Odin, who sacrificed his eye for knowledge. In Valhalla, the reunions in that paradise of Norse mythology take place in this sixth season. At the same time, the death of his former wife Lagertha, played from the beginning by the Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick, takes place. And it is not the only surprise that these last episodes keep. Chapter 11 just leaves the audience speechless. Is very powerful. And it is simply brilliant for Alexander (actor who gives life in the series to Bjorn, son of Lodbrok) “, reveals the creator of the saga. Hirst has been relieved after living immersed in the Scandinavian sagas for seven years, an effort that has left him exhausted. “At first we did not know that we were going to go that far and shoot almost a hundred episodes,” he says.


“I knew in a global sense where I was ultimately headed and it was very satisfying, in a way, when we got to what I knew the final season was going to be,” explains Hirst, who argues that Vikings are heavily prejudiced. But the documentation has led him to discover unsuspected aspects of this civilization, such as a vision towards women more emancipatory than he expected. «I have focused on a family of farmers. The Vikings loved their women and children. It is true that they were pirates and warriors, but also farmers. My job is to link history with the present. And one of the reasons for making the series was to humanize the Vikings, who have always been condemned in fiction.

You won’t have to wait a hundred years to get to Valhalla, but maybe 2022 or the end of this year. At the moment, it is only known that there will be a sequel and it will be on Netflix. “I am very excited to announce the continuation of the saga. I know that millions of fans throughout the planet will be excited by what we will show in our series, made by MGM and Netflix, “emphasizes Hirst, who argues that to enjoy fiction you do not have to see it as an academic would. In fact, some license has been taken, such as the Russian invasion of Scandinavia, which never existed.


1 thought on “‘Vikings’ closes its saga with an eye on its sequel”

  1. First of all, a huge congratulations to everyone involved in this amazing show! Michael Hirst is a genius.
    He truly achieved his goal of humanising the legend of the Vikings, with his beautiful, savage, cruel, sad and at times loving and sensitive depiction of a long ago race of warrior people. The stories he imagined of their day to day struggle to survive, not only the harsh environment they endured, but also the personal struggles within their families and their communities.
    Each episode just amazes, from the beautiful locations he chose in stunning Ireland, to the fantastic actors, so well chosen for their respective parts, to the so-realistic and unbelievable clothing each person wore, down to the fantastic hair braiding and styles.
    The whole scenes were just so visually realistic in every respect , I felt like the cameras were there literally in the 9th century.
    Mr Hirst deserves the highest of awards for all his hard work and his eye to detail, for bringing Ancient History back to life for so many people to learn from and create a sense of wonder…just so we can all appreciate the much easier life we have born into in our own time on this Earth
    Every actor also deserves the highest awards possible, for bringing these characters to life for us. My favourite was Ivar the Boneless, to see him as a cruel and at time psychopathic killer, to the beautiful scenes with Prince Igor, Alexander Høgh Anderson was unbelievable. I wish him an amazing career in everything he does in his future, as well as everyone involved in the show.
    I can’t wait for the sequel, and hope in future Michael Hirst continues his Viking sagas with either a full length movie on the big screen, or more on the history channel.
    Maybe he could consider some seasons about the Celts ? I’ve always been fascinated by their elusive lives and history…. it must be the Irish in me, even though I’m an Australian…
    I’ll be first in line !


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