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Minnesota Vikings (1-5) – Atlanta Falcons (1-5) : 23-40

After an encouraging performance last week, the Vikings have just signed one of their worst games under the Mike Zimmer era. Unable to advance until the last minutes of the match, authors of four turnovers in the first half against a defense of the Falcons penultimate in the league in yards per game before the meeting, the Vikings seemed lost on the ground this Sunday.

The Falcons, meanwhile, point out that under other auspices, other moons, and no doubt with another coach, they could have been a serious outsider.

3 interceptions in one half for Cousins

The first snap of the match sets the tone for the Vikings’ first half in attack. Kirk Cousins ​​(24/36, 342 yards, 3 touchdowns, 3 interceptions), absolutely in no hurry, procrastinates, thinks, and finally sends his pass directly into the arms of Deion Jones. The Falcons recover the ball on the 25 yards of the Vikings. Behind, Matt Ryan took advantage by finding Julio Jones, back this week, for the touchdown on the third attempt. 0 – 7 after three minutes of play.

Minnesota drives can be summed up in two ways: either they don’t do anything or they make mistakes. Asphyxiated by yet inconstant defense of the Falcons, the Vikings take the ball for two desperate three and outs, followed by a good drive from 74 yards which ends on the line of the opposing 1 yards. The Vikings try the 4th attempt but the Falcons hold. Add to that two more interceptions of a Kirk Cousins ​​next to his shoes, including one on a very nice action by Falcons rookie AJ ​​Terrell, the addition is hefty.

The Falcons are not transcendent, but much more realistic. Non-existent in the race thanks to a big game from the Vikings line that forces a fumble from Brian Hill, Atlanta dominates the air. They are particularly effective on the third attempt (9 – 17). Matt Ryan (30/40, 371 yards, 4 touchdowns) performs many high class actions and shows all his determination, and the return of Julio Jones (8 receptions, 137 yards, 2 touchdowns) makes the difference.

As a result, the Falcons keep the ball and only punt once at half-time, adding two field goals and a touchdown from Ridley on a superb reading from Ryan. They could have done more, but there is still a lack of confidence.

20 – 0 at halftime. The situation is terrible for Cousins ​​who in no way legitimizes his salary of 33 million per year while Ryan is playing very well. If it weren’t for the Falcons, we would gladly bury the Vikings. Except with Atlanta, you never know.

Atlanta manages to kill the game before the last quarter

We believe the game revived when, after limiting the Falcons to a field goal, the Vikings finally get a good drive thanks to Justin Jefferson. Cousins ​​found the rookie for 36 yards, then 19 yards and ended up with a touchdown on 11 yards. 23-7, the Vikings are alive and Cousins ​​is playing much better.

A delicate shiver seizes the spine, especially as the Vikings force a fourth attempt on their 40 yards. Interim Falcons coach Raheem Morris does what Dan Quinn couldn’t do and leaves the ball to his quarterback, 2016 MVP. Matt Ice gives it all on the play to avoid pressure, absorb a huge tackle, and find Julio Jones for the touchdown. 30 to 7 for the Falcons who break the momentum of the Vikings, game over.

The rest of the match will therefore remain anecdotal. It will, however, allow Ryan to add a touchdown for Hurst, in addition to a field goal, and Cousins ​​to catch up on his stats by finding Thielen and Jefferson in the endzone.

Insufficient to guarantee a peaceful week for Mike Zimmer.

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