Villa de Luanco-Toscaf Atlética postponed due to a positive in the visiting team

The Toscaf Atlética players, in a time-out of a match in La Magdalena.
Mara Villamuza

The match Oca Hotels Villa de Luanco-Toscaf Atlética, of the First National Handball, which was to be played today at the Luanco sports center, has been postponed due to the positive for covid-19 of a player from the Avilesino team. The Toscaf Atlética squad is in home confinement and has suspended training pending instructions from the health authorities.

Toscaf Atlética will also not be able to play the game scheduled for Saturday, at the La Magdalena pavilion, against Lafuente Pereda de Santander. With these two, there are already four games postponed by the Avilesino team due to the pandemic.


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