Villaquilambre joins to ask for the autonomy of León with the votes of the PSOE

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The City Council of Villaquilambre has approved the motion for the autonomy of the Leonese Region with the favorable votes of the PSOE, Podemos, Leonesistas for Villaquilambre and Vive Villaquilambre.

All this in a municipality governed by the PP -which has voted against- as well as its partners in the Citizen Government team and that have met with the favorable votes of their other fellow Leonists by Villaquilambre and Vive Villaquilambre.

In addition, the absence of the UPL in the municipality has caused it to be We can be in charge of presenting the motion that claims autonomy for the Leonese Region and has been approved with 11 votes in favor and 6 against.

It should be noted that the two councilors of Leonesistas by Villaquilambre -Lázaro García Bayón and Eleuterio González- were expelled from the UPL after the elections after agreeing with the PP without having the agreement of the Leonist formation.

However, in the debate on this motion during the plenary session on Thursday, both have shown themselves in favor of the proposal under the new denomination that both have acquired, such as Leonesistas por Villaquilambre.

Fourth municipality of the province

The fourth municipality of the province in population thus joins León, Matadeón de los Oteros, Crémenes, Cabrillanes, Valderrey, Castrocontrigo, Santa María del Páramo, Cuadros, Mansilla de las Mulas, Urdiales del Páramo, Cabreros del Río, Villamañán and Boca of Huérgano.

Outside the province of León, the Zamorano municipality of Manganeses de la Polvorosa and Serradilla de Arroyo have also approved this motion, in this case in the province of Salamanca. .


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