Villas-Boas (OM) after the victory against Bordeaux (3-1): “We needed this element of surprise” – Foot – L1 – OM

« You were looking for confidence after these last weeks, you must be satisfied with this great success against Bordeaux (3-1)?
We needed this victory, yes, I hope it will give us that confidence. We were well involved, with good individual performances, collectively we were also good with this change (system).

Why did you choose to go to 4-4-2 diamond?
At the end of the transfer window, we had Kamara, Cuisance, Rongier, Sanson and Gueye, while Strootman was in selection. We took advantage of that moment to work on this system, not only in rhombuses but also flat. It worked out well for us tonight (Saturday), we needed that element of surprise too. We controlled the play, the play between the lines, but it’s a tough system when you have the ball and the guys were good.

With Dimitri Payet’s return from suspension, can this system last?
We will see because we have a few small injuries. Duje (Caleta-Car) and Dario (Blessed) have to undergo MRIs tomorrow (today). They both have ankle sprains. Now I want to study Olympiakos a little more before deciding what to do to perhaps surprise them too. This system can allow Dim ‘ (Payet) to play as number ten or in attack, we’ll see.

You firmly stood up for Jordan Amavi a year ago. He almost scored a brace against Bordeaux. What did you think of his performance?
He is incredible. He had already finished last season at a very good level. He defends well, he jumps well, he goes fast, he plays well with both feet. I hope he will continue like this.

“Number ten isn’t necessarily what he (Cuisance) likes best, but he was good. “

In what areas has your team improved compared to their last outings?
We had good ball circulation against Metz but not enough depth and combinations. This time we made better combinations. The ball circulation worked better and it gave everyone more confidence.

What did you think of Michaël Cuisance’s performance for his debut for OM?
A very good performance, when he managed to turn around, he could put good balls, he managed to find Amavi in ​​the deep, too. We talked a lot about his positioning during the week as for Morgan (Sanson) because number ten is not necessarily his favorite, but he was good. “

Michaël Cuisance: “So happy to be here!”


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