Vimoutiers. Music teacher, Héléna Esparon releases a new EP

Héléna Esparon happily shares the release of her new EP (Photo credit, PM2021)

Héléna Esparon is a music teacher. She teaches in Hée-Fergant colleges, in Vimoutiers (Orne), and André-Malraux, in Trun (Orne).

Héléna Esparon is also an artist in her own right. She is a songwriter and performer with, in her repertoire, an EP, Premices, released in 2010, an album, Where I come from, released in 2015, as well as “singles only in digital format”.

“Let him touch hearts”

This repertoire has been enriched byun nouvel EP, Every bird I’ve seen, released on October 1 “only digitally. It is a great joy for me to release it digitally. It is the culmination of a work that is intended above all to be sharing. It’s a reflection of my faith, clearly. Musically, I was inspired by gospel, an Afro-American music that I really like. Of course, this is not a format expected of a woman who lives in Normandy. ” smiles Héléna Esparon, making a nod to her multicultural roots and her Reunion and English origins.

“I wanted that and I’m really happy to be able to share it today. I come out of my little cocoon by presenting it to others. We’ll see what happens. Or does not happen ”. Héléna Esparon has lived for three and a half years in the county seat. During confinement, she performed regularly on the social network Facebook.

“I wondered what I could do from my apartment. I know how to sing. So I shared what I can do to give people courage and hope. We have never heard so much music as during confinement. Music is universal. It affects everyone ”.

“I have material for an album”

What does the artist hope for from his new EP? “Let it touch hearts. May people be happy to listen to him ”. Then, if doors open, like those on radios for example “that would be great!” “.

Independent artist, she is already preparing another EP. “I have the material to release an album but I do not have the arsenal or the media coverage that record companies and radio stations have. It’s quite complicated for independent artists to make themselves known. We would need a structure to accompany us, if only to promote. Aid exists but to benefit from it, you must be under the associative regime. It’s too heavy “.

When is a concert in Vimoutiers?

As for the reaction of her students, Héléna Esparon says she remains discreet about her artistic activities outside of teaching. “Some told me they knew about it.” When is a concert in Vimoutiers? “When it will be possible, I would like to”.

Practice. The EP Every bird I’ve seen is on all digital platforms and on the Helena Esparon YouTube channel.

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