Vincent Duluc: “Michael Jackson, I passed by”

Journalist at the team since 1995, Vincent Duluc greedily embraces the news and matches of Olympique Lyonnais, Les Bleus or English football. Between two reports, this brilliant pen with maddening productivity writes novels. As the Fifth Beatles (on George Best) or the award-winning Spring 76, wonderful bio on his adolescence where it is about his love of the Greens, music and girls.

What was the first record you bought when you were a teenager with your own money?

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, 4 Way Street. A 33 rpm vinyl now worn to the core. I was 12, I loaned it to the whole college.

Your favorite way to listen to music?

I plug my tablet or my phone into an amp itself connected to magnificent speakers.

The last disc you bought and in what format?

I subscribed to the Neil Young digital archives.

Where do you prefer to listen to music?

In my office, with my amp, my speakers and my old carpet.

Do you listen to music while you work?

All the time. My very eclectic playlists on Spotify.

The song that you are ashamed to listen to with pleasure?

Daughter of the Wind by Pierre Groscolas, one of my slows from the 70s. I also sometimes want to listen to Corynne Charby or Patrick Juvet.

The record that everyone loves and hates?

Michael Jackson. I don’t hate it but I don’t fit in, I missed it. Thriller, for example, it leaves me cold.

The drive you need to survive on a desert island?

Bob Dylan, Blood on the Tracks.

Which record cover do you want to frame at home like a work of art?

Eagles, Hotel California. When I was a kid, palm trees made me dream.

Do you prefer records or live music?

With age, I prefer records, because I find it much more perfect.

Your fondest concert memory?

Willy DeVille, at the Transbordeur bar in Lyon, in the early 90s. It was fantastic.

Do you go to a club to dance, flirt, listen to music on a good soundsystem or do you never go to a club?

Only when my young colleagues push me after a game. You will find me at the bar. I don’t think I ever danced to techno.

The band that you hate to see on stage but whose records you love and vice versa?

I saw Oasis opening act for Neil Young at Bercy fifteen years ago, and it was so bad I went out to wait for Neil Young.

A record you would like to hear at your funeral?

Yesterday When I Was Young by Shirley Bassey.

Your favorite musical film or your favorite film music?

The last Waltz by Martin Scorsese. It moves me every time.

What is the record that you share with the person who accompanies you in life?

Musically, we make a separate room. Michel Berger is one of the few common denominators, just like Our Mutual Friend de The Divine Comedy.

The song that makes you mad with rage?

I am completely sealed off from metal. I don’t know if I can listen to a song until the end.

The last record you listened to on repeat?

Vincent Delerm, Panorama.

The song that always makes you cry?

Rufus Wainwright, Going to a Town, and the first twenty seconds of any Donna Summer song.

The group you would have liked to be part of?

Fleetwood Mac, for being one of the musicians who would have dated Stevie Nicks!

David Kawika

His favorite pieces

Neil Young Words (1972)

Bruce Springsteen Thunder Road (1975)

The Divine Comedy Our Mutual Friend (2004)


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