Vincent Maillen, at the head of a Facebook group which brings together 42,000 independents: “The refusal of aid for the profession that Alysson exercised was like a bullet placed in the barrel of a gun”

Vincent Maillen is both sad and angry. He feared that such a drama would happen.

It is with a heavy heart, in shock, even revolted, that Vincent Maillen, at the head of a Facebook group federating 42,000 independents, woke up this Tuesday morning when he learned of Alysson’s death. “This suicide is only the sad result of a lack of support, of help to the many independents who are today on the edge of the abyss. This young entrepreneur had said it again a few days ago: her business was everything for her. She had, as she pointed out, put everything in. Despite the balance sheet drawn by her accountant, who had warned her that the situation was inextricable, she had decided to fight, to work more if necessary. , to believe it, quite simply. “

A few days later, the drama occurred. Sad reality imposed itself on her, cornered, disillusioned. Her dream of becoming independent was shattered.

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