Vinicius speaks for the first time on the controversy with Benzema at Real Madrid – Diez

For the first time since this controversy came to light, Vinicius Jr. He has spoken out and has surprised everyone with the way he has taken the issue.

Real Madrid rescued an agonizing draw on that visit to Borussia Monchendladbach for the second round of the Champions League, where beyond the result, Karim Benzema broke the news.

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The French striker and Ferland mendy They were recorded by a camera while criticizing their partner for their game Vinicius, at halftime of the game in Germany.

“He does whatever he wants. Brother, don’t play with him … Oh my god. Play against us ”, he said Benzema a Mendy about what i was doing Vinicius.


In an interview for him ABC newspaper, Vinicius spoke of this episode of Benzema, where he ended up being highly questioned.

Benzema criticized Vinicius and the Brazilian confirms that there are no problems with the French.

“That was noise. That noise is not for me. Among soccer professionals we know very well what there is. There are codes that you do not know. Karim and I are not only teammates on the same team, which is already a lot. We are professionals and we know the terrain in which we operate. My relationship with Karim is excellent ”, concluded the Brazilian.

Vinicius He took the opportunity to send a message to all his critics. “Let no one think that everything that can be seen of me has already been seen. I notice it day by day, I notice that I learn something else and that my head is going towards what European football demands. I know that inside me there is a player who is doing it ”, he explained.

About the dreams you have Vinicius said: “In the Madrid there are no dreams, there are goals. Our goals are all. I want to get all the great titles. “


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