Violates digital advertising standards; French authorities have fined Google a huge sum

Paris: French authorities have fined Google a huge amount for violating digital advertising standards. The French Competition Authority fined Google $ 26.8 billion (about Rs 1,950 crore). Finding that Google has given disproportionate preference to its own advertising platforms in a way that affects competitors.

The Competition Authority also found that Google’s advertising platforms varied in commission based on rates on other platforms. In 2019, News Corp, a subsidiary of Rupert Murdoch, filed a complaint with the French newspaper Le-Figaro and the Belgian media outlet Rosal, alleging that Google had abused its dominance in the digital advertising space.

The companies also allege that Google is abusing its market position by giving undue prominence to its own advertising platforms, Ad-X and DoubleClick Ad Exchange. Other competing companies have accused Google of hiding advertisements and news on media websites and other apps at huge cost. But Google said it was ready to make changes to its advertising services. Google has previously been fined in France. In December 2019, Google was fined 150 150 million in a similar case.

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