Violations in school transportation


Updated:07/02/2021 00:48h


Between January 25 and 29, the General direction of traffic (DGT) controlled more than 2,300 vehicles dedicated to school and minors transport to verify that the vehicles dedicated to this type of transport comply with established regulations. Only 868 were reported, mainly due to administrative irregularities, which represents a decrease of 4% compared to the infractions detected in the same campaign last year.

It should be noted that all the drivers of this type of vehicle complied with the established speed limits, none of them tested positive in the preventive alcohol controls carried out by the agents, although 3 of them did. they tested positive for other drugs, and another 3 had restraint systems with anomalies in their operation.

Administrative irregularities have generated the greatest number of complaints. For example, not having the special authorization to carry out school transport has led to the denunciation of 565 vehicles and 287 per not have unlimited liability insurance, as required by law.

The agents of the Civil Guard Traffic Group have also verified that 48 school transport vehicles had deficiencies in the service and emergency doors, as well as in their activation devices and another 17 were reported for not having the Technical Inspection in order vehicular.

In addition, 72 controlled vehicles did not carry the corresponding V-10 school transport sign and another 17 they lacked the luminous device with an emergency signal. Lastly, with regard to excess driving time or reduced rest time, 4 drivers were reported for this reason and another 12 for not taking a person in charge of caring for minors on board the coach, when appropriate.

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