Violence against candidates escalates

Cipriano Villanueva, the first councilor for the Chiapas Unido Party for the municipal presidency of Acapetahua, Chiapas, was executed with three bullets, when apparently he was returning from his plot after carrying out his work.

Foto: Pixabay

Foto: Pixabay

The State Attorney General’s Office, through the Istmo Costa District Prosecutor’s Office, initiated an investigation folder for the crime of homicide, against whom or those who are responsible, to the detriment of a male person committed in the municipality of Acapetahua.

After hearing the criminal news, personnel from the Specialized Police and Expert Services moved to the Arenal-Embarcadero road section of the municipality of Acapetahua, where the lifeless body of a male person was located, who responded to the name while still alive. of Cipriano “N”, 65 years old.


Evidence was found at the site that will be analyzed by experts from the Prosecutor’s Office and that will serve in conjunction with the other procedures ordered by the Public Ministry, to clarify this homicide.

Cipriano Villanueva was driving his motorcycle back to his house, after having gone to his plot, when he was apparently caught by two subjects on board another motorcycle and shot three times in the head, killing him, whose body was thrown on the edge of the road. highway.

Conrado Cifuentes, leader of the Chiapas Unido Local Party, lamented the events, and expressed solidarity with the family of the deceased on social media.

Candidate Cipriano Villanueva was caught while riding his motorcycle back home. Apparently he was hit by two subjects aboard another motorcycle and shot / Photo: Special


Meanwhile, the leader of the Green Party (PVEM) in Quintana Roo, Pablo Bustamante, reported through social networks an attack on the home of Blanca Merari Tziu Muñoz, his candidate for the municipal presidency of Puerto Morelos, in alliance with Morena, MÁS Party and Labor Party.

We demand that the authorities take the investigations to their last consequences ”, he demanded.

The candidate is reported in perfect health. However, two of his escorts were injured.


PUEBLA. Francisco Cortés Pancoatl, candidate of Morena and PT for mayor of Santa Clara Ocoyucan, was wounded by a gunshot in a direct attack committed by unknown subjects.

In another act of violence, the campaign house of Morena’s candidate for municipal president of Oriental, Fidel Flores, was shot at, where 26 cartridges were found.

In a virtual press conference, before hearing the second case, Governor Luis Miguel Barbosa Huerta condemned the crime and demanded an investigation from the State Attorney General’s Office to clarify the facts.

Cortés Pancoatl spread the attack on his Facebook account, where he highlighted an injury to his left hand and even published photographs with a bandage on his hand and arm, with visible stains of blood.

Thank God I am fine and it did not go beyond a hand injury that will have me hospitalized for a few days, “he said.

On the other hand, Flores Concha’s offices were shot with high-caliber weapons, especially at the windows and the front door.

In a virtual press conference, the Morenoist standard-bearer in the eastern municipality explained that the subjects, in addition to blasting the property, left a blanket with an intimidating legend for him and his team.

Morena has asked the state government for protection for its candidates in Oriental and Ocoyucan, as well as in Plmar de Bravo, a municipality considered to be the epicenter of the so-called Red Triangle.

Fernando Perez Corona



MORELOS. The state leader of the Labor Party in Morelos, Tania Valentina Rodríguez Ruiz, denounced that on Thursday night she was threatened by armed individuals who blocked her way on the Mexico-Cuernavaca highway, when she was leaving a rally in Tlaquiltenango.

The legislator and PT leader narrated: “Suddenly they pass us and meters later the truck on the left side of the lane and the Pick up truck on the right side stop at the same time, we stop … at that moment like 7 men with standard uniforms get out. dry green, with weapons in bulletproof vests, with heavy caliber weapons, pointing at us while walking, cutting cartridge, they pointed at our truck and the truck behind us ”.

The events were recorded after 10:00 p.m. this Friday, and neither she nor her assistants recorded the moment on video, but her testimony was confirmed by the escort that has been assigned to her since January of this year, when her address in Jonacatepec was shot.

The leader added: “We felt that they were going to kill us, and we did not know if they were organized crime or were part of the state government.

She said that both she and the candidate who was attacked in Yecapixtla will stop campaigning.

Pedro Tonantzin


WARRIOR. A few days before the electoral process, Morena’s candidate for the Municipal Presidency of Ciudad Altamirano, Francisca Baltazar Bravo resigned her candidacy due to threats she received from an organized crime group.

In this Thursday night’s session, the IEPC counselors accepted the resignation of Francisca Baltazar Bravo as the proprietary candidate for the Presidency of the City Altamirano City Council, nominated by the same political institute, leaving the registration of the alternate candidate in force, as well such as the receivership formula and list of regidurías.

However, the IEPC statement does not indicate the reasons for the resignation. For its part, the state diligence of Morena also confirmed the resignation, but they indicated that they did not know the cause of it.

However, unofficial sources indicated that the candidate was threatened by a criminal group in the area, it is also reported that other candidates from the municipalities of Tierra Caliente, Coyuca de Catalán, Arcelia and San Miguel Totolapan also received threats.

This is not the first time this has happened. In several previous electoral processes, different candidates for popularly elected positions have received threats from organized crime groups, some of whom were even assassinated.

Rolando Aguilar


MEXICO STATE. The Citizen Movement candidate for mayor of Tlalnepantla, Israel Amador, was the victim of an armed attack.

The events were recorded when he was returning from one of his campaign closings in the eastern part of the municipality.

According to the first reports, because the truck where he is traveling is armored, he was unharmed.

In social networks, photographs were released showing the impact of a bullet in the glass of the passenger door and in the bodywork

So far, the candidate has not made any statement known and it transpired that a complaint for the attack proceeded.

Angeles Velasco

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