Violence in Judo: “A dad shouldn’t have to hear such terrible things”

Philippe is a bruised father. An angry dad too. At the end of October, C., her 23-year-old daughter, had told in our columns how, when she was 13, her judo teacher would have abused her for more than a year. A shocking, unbearable testimony, which created an unprecedented wave in French judo. Reports are increasing. The Prosecutor of Lille was twice seized for acts of sexual violence concerning another professor. A rape complaint has been filed, at least three other alleged victims have come forward.

According to our information, the case of this judo teacher who “provided sex education” – if we are to believe the words he allegedly used with some of his alleged victims, minors at the time of the facts – was widely known in the North. A former French judoka had even denounced it on social networks in 2015. An explicit post that we found, according to which the teacher “sexually abused children for many years”.

The initials of victims that many seemed to know feature in this post some remember. Except the instances. After investigation, this man would have had intimate relations with the mothers of some of his alleged victims. Sordid detail, he trained the alleged rapist of C. Presumed innocent, the former trainer of the young girl was indicted in four cases.

“I want to kick the anthill”

Since the testimony of his daughter, Philippe, “upset by all the affairs” that come out, has never ceased to challenge on social networks judo teachers or Jean-Luc Rougé and Stéphane Nomis, the two candidates for the federal election (taking place this weekend). “Maybe I’m too demanding,” he said, “but I want to kick the anthill, I want to understand. Understand in particular why nobody saw anything. “The guilt is also present. I was there for training, for competitions, but unfortunately… ”Philippe nevertheless had doubts. Especially on the day when her daughter came home with her body covered in bruises. “I was furious, I went to confront this trainer.”

Years later, her daughter explained to her that when she refused her teacher’s sexual advances, he beat her. “Deep down, I knew… Years went by, I was still waiting. This Sunday (Editor’s note: from June 2020), when my daughter’s first name appeared on my phone, it was strange, but I thought to myself: It is now. For four hours, the young woman told him about the ordeal lived ten years earlier. “I let her talk. I was in a state of bewilderment, I did not cry, I did not collapse. But, the next day, I cracked all over the place. “

Philippe talks about his mad love for his daughter. “I wanted to be an exemplary dad. When she was little, I kept telling her: Make memories. Since the revelations of the young woman, Philippe unties the threads. “This trainer tried to isolate him from his mother and from me, we were afraid he would take hold of him. It is a very vicious process: the child is isolated from the parents, the teacher becomes the referent, the one who holds the truth. He registers as a savior … “

“She is physically demolished because of the blows she received”

Philippe admits: “We could see that something was wrong. We almost stopped everything, but sport, judo, was our daughter’s whole life. “As C. told us, it was a knee injury that put an end to his ordeal at the end of 2011.” An injury that the coach caused, points out Philippe. She is physically demolished, because of the beatings she received. “Away from the tatami mats, C., who dreamed of becoming a physiotherapist, threw herself” body and soul “into studies. “She worked whole days to pass her entrance exam. “

A successful contest a few months ago before the fate heats up. A serious shoulder injury shattered his hopes of being a physiotherapist. “There is synchronicity between my daughter and me. When she is angry, I am angry, when she falls, I fall… ”The young woman hangs on. “I respect his silences and his needs to speak,” emphasizes Philippe. There is no taboo between us, but a dad shouldn’t have to hear his 23 year old kid tell him such terrible things. “

“What is appalling is the silence of the club where my daughter was licensed”

The dad intends to make things happen. “Because it is imperative to know if there have been malfunctions somewhere. “He admits:” Time is becoming an enemy, we would like things to move faster. The pain is deep. “Because the authorities in place do not respond when I call them out. What is appalling is the silence of the club where my daughter was licensed. “The president of this club that we joined, explains to us having been” auditioned by the gendarmerie “and to have” respected the current procedure which imposes silence. “

“Apart from C., we do not know the names of the other alleged victims”, specifies the leader who admits to having been “frozen” by the testimony of C. in our columns and “never to have suspected the actions of the professor. »Questioned. Philippe awaits him other answers. As for her daughter, to whom Roxana Maracineanu, the Minister for Sports, called, she would like to become a psychologist. And if possible resume studies now, if a university or a school opens its doors to her, taking into account if possible the years of studies she has already completed.

If people wish to testify to acts of physical or sexual violence, it is possible to contact the unit set up by the Ministry of Sports:

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