Violence in Martinique: the prefect establishes a curfew “until calm is restored”

Dams, fires, projectile fire … During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, Martinique was once again the scene of violence. This Thursday, the authorities decided to institute a curfew “until calm is restored” on this Caribbean island.

The prefect of Martinique instituted Thursday a curfew “from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. until the return to calm” to deal with “nocturnal urban violence” since Monday, he announced in a statement.

“Groups of individuals have committed degradation and installed roadblocks”, and “acts of violence have taken place against the security forces”, argues the prefect who adds that “11 people” were arrested and ” several weapons ”seized.

Monday, the general strike began calmly. Driven by the trade unions, the demonstration carried ten various social demands, of which in the first place the mobilization against the health past and the vaccination obligation of the caregivers.

“The price of energy is exploding in Martinique, we have an increasingly marked social degradation. We must be aware of our socio-economic and health reality, claimed Monday Patrice Bellune, secretary general of UNSA Martinique.

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