Vip News: Kerstin Ott posts angry post on Instagram

December 29, 2020
“I’m tired of it”: Why Kerstin Ott is so angry
Pop singer Kerstin Ott is angry and makes her anger in one Instagram-Posting Air. “I’m sick of my family being attacked. Everyone screams out loud when it comes to bullying. What’s this here?”, The 38-year-old writes, referring to online portals that allude to an alleged marriage crisis at Otts . She could understand if she was criticized for her music or a botched performance, said the Berliner, but her private life was taboo. Especially since the reports are fictitious and do not correspond to the truth. “It doesn’t matter that behind a well-known person there is also a person who has to struggle with it? NO! I am no longer participating. And as much as I sit here, I will declare war on every newspaper and every lie article,” announces Ott.
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