Viral Billionaire Village in Tuban, One Farmer Has 3 Cars

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Sumurgeneng Village, Jenu District, Regency Tuban, has a new nickname: Kampung Miliader. As many as 225 residents who are real farmers suddenly became rich after receiving payments land for the Tuban Grass Roof Refinery (GRR) oil refinery project.

The joy of the citizens is expressed by buying a luxury car together. The video of the car-buying action immediately went viral and became the talk of citizens on Social Media (Medsos).

“Yes, it is true that the people in the video here (Sumurgeneng Village),” said Gianto, the head of Sumurgeneng village when met by reporters at his home, Monday (15/2).

“That yesterday had rejected an oil refinery, and finally the money was disbursed through consignment at the Tuban District Court,” he continued.

According to Gianto, there were about 17 cars that came together on Sunday (14/2). However, this number is only a fraction of the total new cars purchased by residents after the disbursement, which reached a total of 176 units.

“The car that came together yesterday was estimated to be around 17. So far, a total of 176 new cars have been bought by residents. Per house can own two to three cars,” said Gianto.

It is known that the GRR oil refinery construction project requires an area of ​​1,050 hectares. With details of 821 land lands, and the rest is marine reclamation.

While land is spread in three villages, namely Kaliuntu Village, Wadung Village, and Sumurgeneng Village. In particular, Sumurgeneng Village has about 225 hectares of freed land, with a total of 225 owners.

Local residents who previously worked as real farmers have now become billionaires.

“Alhamdulillah, my residents are happy to accept everything and for the value it can be used according to what the residents want. Some are made to buy land, rehabilitate houses, and use them to buy cars,” said Gianto.

One of the new billionaires, Siti Nurul Hidayatin, is very grateful. He did not expect to have a price of billions of rupiah. The money received from land acquisition is used for a number of purposes. Among them are investments, buying houses, deposits, and some are used to buy cars.

“Yes, I am grateful to be able to buy a car and invest. In addition, with this land acquisition, Sumurgeng residents have become prosperous, and my village is now known to be a billionaire village,” he explained.

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