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On and more than one social network there are a lot of publications. Some more striking than others, but none is as popular as the that we will present to you below. What does it consist of? Simple: You just have to locate the 2 sad clowns in the illustration as quickly as you can.

We are not going to lie to you. Many users who live in Mexico, the United States and Spain, have stated that the visual test is very difficult to overcome, but that characteristic is what makes it very attractive, especially for those looking for fun.

If you have already encouraged to participate, we advise you that you should not worry about the time you spend searching, as there is no limit. Just make sure you have a good time. It should be noted that created this challenge and published it on his website, exactly on May 2 of this year.

Image of the viral challenge

Find the 2 sad clowns in the illustration. That is your mission. (Photo: Noticieros Televisa)

Viral challenge response

At first glance, it seems that in the illustration there are only happy clowns, but that is far from being true, as there are 2 that are sad. If you couldn’t find them, let us tell you that here you can find out where they are located in the image.

Here are the 2 sad clowns.  (Photo: Noticieros Televisa)
Here are the 2 sad clowns. (Photo: Noticieros Televisa)

Although this viral challenge hasn’t been around for a long time Facebook and in other social networks, it has become very popular due to its high level of difficulty. If you liked it, it is not a bad idea to share it with your family and friends.




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