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A shared image in Facebook It has caused a furor and at the same time has generated headaches for thousands of users, since it presents a new viral rectum. The difficult challenge has been tried to be overcome by many users but very few succeeded.

The challenge is to observe for a few seconds the image that contains a large number of cat silhouettes. All you have to do to meet this challenge of Facebook is to locate three kittens wearing a necklace with a bell. Do you think you can do it?

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During the quarantine time implemented to stop the rapid advance of the coronavirus, visual challenges have become one of the favorite pastimes of thousands of users of Facebook. This is because people stay longer in their homes and look for some games to keep them busy.

This visual challenge went viral in Facebook, since although it seems something extremely simple, the truth is that thousands of users have tried to provide a solution and almost no one has been able to find the correct answer. As you will notice, in this figure dozens of cat silhouettes are seen, but not all are the same, since three of them have a collar with a bell on their neck.

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If you have not been able to find the mischievous ‘hidden’ cats, do not worry, since here we will help you find them. One of them is located in the eighth row, another in the ninth row and finally one in the fifteenth.

If despite that you have not been able to solve this visual challenge of FacebookWe invite you to review the gallery located at the top of this note. To see the exact location of the mischievous kittens, just slide the images to the left side.

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How many numbers do you see The mathematical challenge that causes a furor in social networks

A new challenge is breaking in internet. An image has gone viral in Facebook and others social networks for the confusion that has produced in the thousands of Internet users solving a mathematical exercise.

The new challenge allows users of Facebook assess your level of vision. In the drawing, a superposition of numbers is represented, which netizens they must figure out. In the sequence there are several digits, some are visible to the naked eye, and others, you have to look for more.

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What is the ‘flex challenge‘? The new viral challenge that nobody can do

They all failed trying. A video shared on Facebook has become a trend in social networks, because it shows the viral challenge of the moment, we refer to the ‘flex challenge‘, a challenge that has frustrated Thousands of people in Mexico, the United States and Spain, since there are very few who can do it and those who try it tend to be ridiculous. Did you see the pictures? Here you can find them.

According to foreign media, the creator of the first ‘challenge‘2020 is called Jax Kranitz, a 22-year-old gymnast who studies at the University of Iowa in the United States, who shared on Instagram and Facebook a video that shows her doing something unusual.

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Do the lines move? The new visual challenge that causes controversy in the networks

Through Facebook a video It shows a new visual challenge, which has gone viral and has generated debate among thousands of Internet users. This optical illusion challenges people to discover if vertical lines they move or if everything is actually part of a creation of our brain.

This clip was originally published on Facebook by Chris Said, an expert in Neurosciences. This post received a huge amount of ‘likes‘and shared, in addition to unleashing controversy among a large number of users, who launched all kinds of responses to this unknown. Most said they saw an undulating movement between the lines.

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Makes dangerous experiment by pouring molten copper into coconut and this occurs

A controversial experiment recently published in Facebook has triggered the obvious amazement in thousands of users after distinguishing the unusual reaction chemistry of copper melted when you make your slow and fiery entry into a coco. However, users of various social networks have shown their interest in replicating the fact despite the fact that it is very dangerous.

In the video of Facebook two unusual scenes from the experiment: in one the coco It is opened at the top by a drill, while in another shot the molten copper in a specialized container for this type of procedure. You can not imagine what happens when these two products are mixed.

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Do you find the 6 different skaters? The visual challenge that very few can overcome

Through Facebook A peculiar image was shared that has become a headache for many users of social networks, since it is a new and complex visual challenge that aims to find the six skaters who are different from the others. To be able to meet this challenge you must do it in a few seconds. Do you think you can do it?

During the last months it has become customary to see, on social networks, these types of visual challenges, which aim to measure the user’s ability, as well as entertain them at the same time. This time, the new challenge of Facebook It was proposed by Televisa Noticias, going viral in different countries in South America.

Swipe to see the solution to Facebook's visual challenge.  Photo: Televisa Noticias

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Do you find the penguin hidden among toucans ?, the visual challenge that almost nobody manages to solve

Through Facebook A photo was shared that reveals a new ‘visual challenge’ that thousands of users have not managed to overcome in just ten seconds. This challenge consists of observing the figure and discovering the penguin hidden among toucans. Some tried to solve it; However, they failed and quickly became a trend on social networks in countries such as the United States, Mexico and Spain.

Believe it or not, thousands of users of Facebook They have tried to overcome this ‘challenge’ in a short time and have not been able to find the answer despite the effort they made. Do you dare to try it on your own? We warn you that 99% of users who dared to try to search for it, ended up with a headache and totally frustrated that they couldn’t get it.

Viral Facebook: find the penguin hidden among toucans, the new 'visual challenge' that almost no one can solve


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