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Months ago a sad news began to spread on social networks. A 12-year-old girl lost her life after suffering cardiac arrest. However, the girl’s death is shrouded in a terrifying episode of abuse caused by her own parents: Mary Katherine ‘Katie’ Horton and John Joseph ‘Joey’ Yozviak. This is the cruel story that happened in Georgia, , and what became .

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At the age of 9, the girl – her identity is kept confidential – told her parents that she had noticed the presence of nits and lice in her hair. The couple cared little about their daughter’s health, as they did not decide to do anything about it. What at first seemed only a small presence, ended up becoming a plague.

For 3 years, the parasites completely infested his head. The girl could not survive the neglect and mistreatment of her parents. After spending all that time with her hair full of lice, the little girl died of cardiac arrest. The authorities have not yet received the results of the autopsy, however they believe that the infestation could indirectly cause his death.

Mary Katherine ‘Katie’ Horton and John Joseph ‘Joey’ Yozviak are the parents of the little girl. Both were charged with cruelty to a minor and simple homicide, but could be released on bail. | Photo: Wilkinson County Sheriff’s Office

What is certain is that the girl had a picture of severe anemia caused by lice bites that lasted for years. Mary Katherine ‘Katie’ y John ‘Joey’ Yozviak they were arrested and charged with cruelty to a minor and simple murder, and remain in the Wilkinson County Jail.

However, in the last hours it became viral that both could be released if they made the previous payment of a bond of $ 100,000 each, because so far the prosecutors have not asked a jury to accuse them despite the fact that the little girl’s death occurred last September.

Ryan Hilton, an agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, said the little girl had the “most severe” lice infestation that her department had ever seen. Meanwhile, the prosecutor Brent Cochran, assured WMAZ-TV, that they are still awaiting the results of the autopsy and medical tests carried out on the body of the 12-year-old girl.


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