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Asking for her hand can be one of the most romantic actions, which is why many couples look for original and unforgettable ways; as it happened with an amateur in Mexico. The boy went down to the field with his partner. However, the moment suddenly turned into a nightmare and everything was immortalized in a video viral.

In the baseball games Totally unusual things happen. A few days ago, a follower of the New York Yankees became a trend in all corners of the Internet for dunking the hot dog in his glass of beer before eating it.

Now a fan of the Tijuana Bullssquad that militates in the Mexican Baseball League (LMB)surprised the public and asked marriage to a woman in the middle of the stadium, but the result was not what was expected.

they break your heart

It turns out that the excited boyfriend entered the field of play in the company of his partner. After being surrounded by the team’s mascots, the fan of the local team took a microphone and asked the female “will you marry me?”, As reported Millennium.

Although the answer was not clearly heard, the girl put her hands to her face and decided to head towards the exit of the field. Faced with this situation, the protagonist kept the engagement ring, while the viewers lamented the awkward moment.


They told him NO at the stadium 🥴💔

♬ original sound – Bulls of Tijuana

“They hit the friend at the stadium”wrote the official account of Toros de Tijuana (@TorosDeTijuana), whose recording the failed proposal accumulated thousands of reproductions. Users immediately sympathized with the man.

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