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You can not deny that : No Way Home” It has been the film that has generated the highest expectations in 2021, in a particular context marked by the coronavirus pandemic. With the rise of infections around the world by the Omicron variant, the film has been exposed in cinemas that have been crowded with fans of the arachnid superhero; However, with the joy of millions of fans around the world, there have also been not a few scenes of people’s bad behavior, such as happened in a room of the that was completely dirty with popcorn, papers, among other products and whose images are from What .

Disaster in cinema after successful premiere

The footage was shared from the account @thatonecinemarkemployee showed how the room was once the film of “Spidey” had finished and the assistants left the room of the renowned chain Cinemark and not a few were shocked, questioning the public’s level of hygiene.

For starters, the floor is covered in popcorn, pieces of paper believed to have been used as confetti, as well as what they called a “Giant confetti cannon” left next to the stairs.

Look how the cinema was after “Spider-man: No Way Home”

The video shows the employees of this company waiting to clean the room, which, by their expressions, they know will be an arduous task: “No way”one is heard saying.

Users outraged with fan behavior

In fact, once the user made it known that said disaster happened during the screening of “Spider-man: No Way Home”, not a few users of Tiktok they were more than uncomfortable with the behavior of the fans.

“Not because it’s your job to clean, it doesn’t give you the right to make such a mess. I always throw away the trash no matter where it is. Manners”, “People who are of the ‘not my job’ type, really, they are the most disgusting, dirty and then they get offended when you call them”.

“Spider-man: No Way Home,” overwhelming box office success

Some others gave advice on how to make the toilet in that room more bearable: I would charge an extra $ 10 to each credit card. You guys need a raise after this or a risk payment when a great movie like this comes out. “.

Once the comments had done their part, the user who shared the video (who amassed more than 1.8 million views) responded as follows: “I want to make it clear that I love my work and this was not a complaint, I just thought it was fun enough to share”.


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