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Henry Gonçalves has caused more than one comment on social networks. He is a 19-year-old from São José do Rio Preto, in São Paulo (Brazil), and is a celebrity on social media for his enormous ability to create life-size cardboard replica motorcycles. This is your viral story.

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The boy made sketches and scale models before starting to make his first life-size replica, which was nothing more and nothing less than his dream bike: a Honda CB 600 F Hornet. In total, according to the channel YouTube, Ruptly, it took 10 months to do it.

Due to the experience gained, the second one he made (a BMW R 1200) took less time, despite the greater complexity of the design. “Shock absorbers and various other parts are made of PVC pipe, but most of it is cardboard”, he indicated, according to the aforementioned source.

As his works were shared on the Internet, Henry, who has been passionate about motorcycles since he was 15 years old, began to receive commissions from users. “Today is my job, I earn money making those cardboard motorcycles”, he pointed.


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