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“Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”, an old saying goes, although if we adapt it to our times it would be something like “Tell me what filters do you use in and I’ll tell you who you are “, which perfectly sums up the case of ‘Souya no sōhi‘, a influence of that it was actually a 50-year-old man who used an application to turn his face into that of a woman.

In your account , regularly share selfies of his motorcycle trips by with descriptions written in a “very feminine” and numerous emoticons that earned him thousands of followers in a matter of weeks; However, everything changed when one day several of them noticed something that made them doubt.

Apparently, in one of the images what ‘Souya no sōhi‘published for his admirers it was seen that his face did not fit in with certain parts of his anatomy like, for example, the difference between his bright, lush facial complexion and that of his manly arms when he portrayed himself without the characteristic motorcycle jackets he usually wears.

Thanks to Monday Late Show, a Japanese television entertainment program, the deception was exposed by interviewing the “influence” and the reporters of the aforementioned space even took a printed photo of the woman who was posing on social networks to compare her, reported the Spanish version of the portal .

According , the person who actually manages the account @azusagakuyuki is a resident of Ibaraki prefecture who started uploading photos taken with the woman filter because “Nobody wants to see an old man”, something that he empirically verified when, unlike his old photos, those of the beautiful young woman received thousands of ‘I like it’.



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