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A sheep found in the wild went around the world for its radical change when sheared. What happened? The mammal was found by rescuers and they were surprised to see the amount of wool it had all over its body, even covering its ears and eyes. The viral photo of the before and after was commented on by many users on the Internet and here we tell you their story.

About 60 kilometers north of Melbourne, Australia, ‘Baarack’ was found, a lost sheep in the forest that at first glance was neglected by the amount of wool it had on its body. A neighbor located her and quickly notified a local farm animal protection organization called Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary.

“It seems that Baarack was once a property sheep.”said one of the rescuers. “At one point they had branded his ears, however, these appear to have been ripped off by the thick fleece tangled around his face.”. Reuters sources indicate that the sheep had a fleece of 35 kilos, an amount equivalent to half the weight of an adult kangaroo.

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The same protectionist pointed out regarding the amount of wool that they took from Baarack: “Sheep need to be sheared at least once a year, otherwise the fleece will keep growing and growing, as it happened here”.

“Although his helmets were in very good condition despite running on the rocks in the forest, he was a bit bad overall. She was very underweight and, due to all the wool around her face, she could barely see, she was almost blind “added.

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