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Videos featuring animals always occupy a special space in the hearts of Internet users. This time, a small bear shocked thousands of them with his reaction to seeing the snow fall. Everything was recorded in a clip that was later posted on YouTube and it turned viral. Do not stay without seeing it!

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The recording, captured by a home security camera, begins with the cub and its apparent mother walking near a house at night, a fact that caused the lights of the property to be activated.

At that moment, the little bear noticed that several snowflakes were falling around him. Surprised by this, he decided to stop for a moment to stand on two legs, raising the front legs as high as he could.

The video posted on YouTube by the canal Ring, exactly on December 24, 2020, it quickly went viral. To date, it has more than 422 thousand reproductions. Users from the United States, Mexico and Spain, rated the scene as “very adorable”, as they considered that the animal did it to try to catch a snowflake.


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