Viral video | Young woman is scared to see that a mirror reflects something strange | TikTok | Social networks | VIRAL

“What does this mean?”wrote a young woman as a description of a video in TikTok that has strongly attracted attention. In this clip, she is seen scared after realizing that a mirror reflected something strange. The scene was not long in turning viral. Now it is already circulating on various social networks.

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The woman in this story, whose user is @_beep_boopxdShe was sitting on the bed in her room when suddenly she noticed something strange when looking at the mirror in front of her. At that moment, she decided to take out her cell phone and record everything.

The video shows that the mirror reflected a diffuser, located on a table, which was apparently on, expelling steam. That scared the young woman, because in her room she could not see anything coming out of the object in question.

Thousands of users from the United States, Mexico and Spain, when observing the viral clip, were extremely surprised, because they never imagined that they would find something similar on the Internet. The scene continues to add reproductions.


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