Viral: Woman captures her son’s fed up with virtual classes and images

Updated 09/16/2020 at 4:25 PM

Getting out of bed, sitting in front of the computer, and having a cup of coffee are the first things millions of people do every day because of the “new normal.” Those who have this routine could be reflected in a peculiar photo recently released on social networks that became viral quickly.

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The image was released by Kara McDowell, a woman from Arizona, U.S, which has shown the tiredness of his 5 year old son after a class. The little boy appears lying on his back on a chair, totally exhausted.

“I think that if you are at school, at home or teleworking, and you have to make a video call of these super long, you can feel totally identified: you will be more than fed up”said the woman in conversation with the program Good Morning America.

“I’m sure the teachers didn’t expect to have to teach children to read through a screen”added. “They are doing the best they can. We cannot complain about the teachers, they are giving it their all ”.

The photo in question exceeded 58 thousand ‘likes’ and was shared 11 thousand times. While some understood the child’s mood, others expressed concern for him; however, McDowell posted another snapshot of him in which he appears smiling while showing his stuffed animal during class.


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