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To not believe it. A video security uploaded to YouTube has surprised everyone in the social networks, as it reveals a funny situation that a delivery man lived in FedEx and a baby cat. The tender feline had become so fond of the worker that he did not hesitate to chase him so that he does not leave, a gesture that touched the hearts of thousands of netizens, who did not hesitate to share the viral who turned trend in Mexico, United States and Spain. You could see it? Here we leave it for you.

According to ViralHog, the channel that uploaded the video On YouTube, the images were recorded on May 20 by a security camera installed in a house in the city of Augusta, located in the state of Georgia, in United States.

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According to the publication, due to the quarantine by the COVID-19, the owners of the house have been receiving more deliveries than usual, all brought by the same delivery man, who has become the favorite of his baby cat named ‘Tina’.

Tina’s full name is ‘QuaranTINA’, since she was born in full pandemic. Unlike other baby cats, which are usually aggressive towards strangers, this friendly feline is quite affectionate, to the point that she does not want the delivery man to FedEx I abandoned her.

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“I was working from home and heard that the truck stopped and dropped some packages. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door, I opened it and he was our delivery man. FedEx, who was holding Tina in her hands. Sweetly he asked me to hug her while he was leaving, because she was following him, ”said the owner.

That same night, the woman and her husband reviewed the videos surveillance and they realized that ‘Tina’ had been chasing the delivery boy several times. The scene seemed so cute that they did not hesitate to share it, without imagining that it would become a trend on YouTube and other social networks.

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