Virgin Tonic: Legends Pokémon Arceus, 5 tips to start the game well

Published a few days ago, Pokémon Legends Arceus is by far the most popular game of this beginning of the year. If you haven’t started yet, take some notes: here are no less than five tips to start the game off right.

  • Be patient (and gentle)

Running in tall grass is tempting. However, you could scare away the most fearful Pokémon! So a piece of advice, approach them gently: also know that the game allows you to distract Pokémon wild with berries.

Pokemon Legends Arceus
  • Don’t Skip Pokédex Tasks

Know that in the game, it is the rank of the Corps of Researchers that unlocks new areas but also your most important missions. In other words, the more you complete the tasks of the Pokédex, the more you will advance in the game..

  • And don’t forget the side missions !

Completing these missions early enough will allow you to advance faster.

  • Don’t lose your Pokemon by mistake
Pokémon Arceus
Pokémon Arceus

Some secondary missions will require you to show your Pokémon while to complete other missions, you will be forced to give one of them. Pay close attention to what is asked of you, it would be a shame to part with one of your Pokémon for nothing!

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