Virginia plans to abolish the death penalty

Berlin. The US state of Virginia wants to abolish the death penalty – as the first of the former southern states. The Senate in the regional parliament approved a corresponding law on Wednesday. Report that multiple media citing the AFP news agency.

Accordingly, the Democratic governor Ralph Northam has already announced that he will support the project. During the debate, Republicans had urged the use of the death penalty for particularly serious crimes.

The death penalty was last imposed in Virginia in 2011

Virginia would be the 23rd US state to abolish the death penalty. California, Oregon and Pennsylvania have at least suspended enforcement. The step would be symbolically significant. Because in the area of ​​what is now Virginia, the first execution on what is now US territory was carried out in 1608.

In addition, according to the information center on the death penalty, 1391 people have been executed in Virginia so far, more than in any other state.

Again „Spiegel“ reported, however, the death penalty has not been imposed in Virginia since 2011. At the moment there are still two men on death row whose sentences would be converted into life without parole after the new law was passed.

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