Virgo, Scorpio Mean because you like you! Who is in love with the 12 constellations, the more you like it, the more careless it is? Duplicity and non-constellation Top5

Virgo, Scorpio Mean because you like you! Who is in love with the 12 constellations, the more you like it, the more careless it is? Duplicity and non-constellation Top5

When looking for love, some people will express their love boldly, but some people like it more and colder, making the other person confused and even at a loss, thinking that they have met a master in love. Which constellations are the most dubious, the more you like them, the more they are indifferent to you? Let’s take a look!

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No. 5: Capricorn

Capricorns are serious, self-disciplined, and steady. When facing love, they will not attack immediately, but will constantly observe until they are sure that the other person is also sincere. In the process of falling in love, there will not be too much rhetoric, or even a little bit of venom, but this is all about liking you.


Capricorn star representative-Jennie

No. 4: Taurus

A Taurus who likes planning and takes a step-by-step approach will feel uneasy because of variables. In the face of the person you like, the more you like it, the more afraid you will be doing something wrong, so you will be very cautious. But love just doesn’t play cards step by step, and Taurus babies will lose their sense of security, and they will even think of a bunch of excuses to deny themselves without being confident enough. Taurus babies who are afraid of doing something wrong will use the most peaceful way to conceal the feeling of chaos and deer bumping into each other, and act out of right and wrong.


Taurus star representative-Jiang Tao

No. 3: Scorpio

The Scorpio, who shows arrogant side because of insecurity, loves to do temptations in love! Scorpio friends will talk and laugh in front of others, but ignore those who are interested. This is because they are testing whether the other person cares about themselves. A Scorpio is very determined when he falls in love, but he is afraid of being hurt, so he just ignores it, and even deliberately makes the other person angry. This is a protective color belonging to the Scorpio baby.


Scorpio star representative-Liu Yingting

No. 2: Virgo

“There are more dislikes than love, more pushes than wants. The loneliness is caused by this cleanliness addiction.” Virgos always have a mental cleanliness addiction, also in love and relationships, they think more, but they also appear very calm. , Even a little arrogant. But in fact, Virgo friends will also have a lot of entanglements in their hearts. They will want to spy on each other, but they will not show it. Occasionally, they will mean each other to hide their interest in the person they like.


Virgo star representative-Lin Jiaqian

Number 1: Aquarius

Aquarius, who is often unpredictable to others, makes the other person feel even more indifferent when facing love. This is because they themselves can’t predict whether their feelings for each other are love of a lover or a love of a friend. During the period of self-entanglement, the Aquarius baby will alienate the other party because of uncertainty, making the other party feel confused and even misunderstanding. But when the Aquarius baby is sure of feeling, he will be very engaged and look forward to facing the relationship. It will really make the other person like a roller coaster, love and hate~


Aquarius star representative-Edan Lu Juean

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