Virologist spoke about three fronts in the fight against coronavirus – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Scientists are looking for ways to combat coronavirus in three directions, said Maxim Skulachev, a leading researcher at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

According to him, the greatest successes were achieved in the first direction – in prevention, that is, in the development of vaccines. Skulachev noted that this is the most effective way to fight the virus, and the only way to reduce the danger of the disease.

“The second direction is the development of specific inhibitor substances that prevent the virus from multiplying,” says the specialist.

Skulachev said that the structure of the virus is clear – it has several proteins that are not in the human body, and some substances can block them. But so far no success has been achieved on this front.

“This drug could be used when there is an infection, but nothing terrible has happened yet. Unfortunately, there is nothing for humanity to boast about,” said the virologist.

The third task of specialists is to save those who are seriously ill. Skulachev considers this direction the most promising, since “it is not about a virus, but about a person.” The scientist explained that the activation of the inflammatory response system is the mechanism of our body, and the virus is the “trigger”.

“There are drugs against this, but they are not yet effective enough. To come up with a drug that will reduce COVID-19 to the level of a not very dangerous flu is the most promising direction,” the virologist said in an interview with the radio Sputnik.

Since the start of the pandemic, new strains of coronavirus have emerged. Previously scientists announcedthat the Pfizer vaccine has low efficacy against the Brazilian (“gamma”) variant.


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