Virologist Streeck clears up with 5 allegations

19. September 2020 – 13:31 Clock

Streeck has a clear opinion on confused corona theses

As a virologist, Hendrik Streeck takes a more relaxed line than many other scientists in the corona pandemic. In the “Handelsblatt” he recently repeatedly warned against “alarmism” and “mood-making”, and he also criticizes some medical colleagues for concentrating too much on describing ominous scenarios “instead of looking for constructive solutions”.

Streeck’s latest shows that, despite his often controversial choice of words and opinion, he is not a “lateral thinker” who belittles the corona virus and considers the government’s measures to be exaggerated Interview with the “Deutsche Welle” – because in it he does away with various conspiracy theories.

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Claim 1: “Corona is not all that dangerous”

To the assertion that the virus is not that dangerous, politics, media and science have increased the risk, he says: “That’s not true!” All of the studies that have been done so far clearly show that Covid-19 has a higher mortality rate than seasonal flu. As part of his Heinsberg study, he himself found out “that the virus is at least four times more dangerous”.

Why there have been far fewer deaths in Germany compared to the USA or Italy, Streeck can explain quickly. The infections occurred very quickly in both countries. “So the population became infected very quickly and the hospitals were overloaded as a result,” explains Streeck. “The virus got into areas where patients or humans are at high risk of dying from it. In Germany, we have managed to keep these areas free.”

As proof of the harmlessness of Sars-CoV-2, “lateral thinkers” also like to cite that there have never been outbreaks after large-scale demonstrations against the corona measures. The Bonn virologist says that on the one hand the demos took place outdoors, where the probability of transmission is lower than indoors. On the other hand, it is difficult to understand whether there have been outbreaks in the cities, from where the participants came and returned after the demo.

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Claim 2: “Vaccinations attack DNA”

Many opponents of vaccinations believe, among other things, that vaccinations attack the DNA and that it is about the profit of the pharmaceutical industry. “Both theses are clearly wrong,” says Streeck. “A vaccination does not affect the human genome, i.e. the DNA. The RNA vaccines also work in such a way that proteins are generated from them. We ourselves do not have the enzymes in our body that are converted back into DNA from the RNA can only certain retroviruses. Therefore a vaccination cannot interfere with the DNA. “

The health insurance companies’ expenditures for vaccines correspond to only 0.3 percent of their budget for drugs, he explains. In addition, the pharmaceutical industry must also earn money from it, as it cannot make such developments without the income.

Regarding the claim that a vaccination is ineffective because of mutations in the virus or that it has to be repeated every year, as with the flu, the virologist says something that conspiracy supporters cannot understand, which is completely normal in science: he does not yet know. “The virus mutates, that is correct, but it does not mutate as rapidly as the flu. But whether a vaccine will work in the end and how often you have to be vaccinated, we cannot yet say because it has not yet been Vaccine there. “

Claim 3: “Anti-corona measures are of no use”

Even more disturbing for the “lateral thinkers” is that Hendrik Streeck considers the AHA rules to be correct, which they consider an instrument of oppression by the “Corona dictatorship”. We know that keeping your distance, observing the general rules of hygiene and wearing everyday masks have an effect and thereby prevent infections, he says.

In addition, the AHA rules would probably have the effect of reducing the virus dose in the event of an infection, which could lead to milder courses. “We know that there is a connection with other viruses: if you ingest a lot of viruses, you have severe symptoms, if you ingest a few viruses, you only have mild symptoms. The dose makes the poison.”

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Claim 4: “The coronavirus comes from the laboratory”

The conspiracy thesis that the coronavirus came from a Chinese laboratory and was accidentally released is also very popular. Streeck thinks this is very unlikely. To the best of his knowledge, research would generally not generate any specific viruses, as this would be far too dangerous. On the other hand, it is impossible to say whether a virus comes from a laboratory, since viruses cannot have gene sequences that otherwise do not occur in nature. After all, such laboratories would have high security locks “where viruses or bacteria cannot get through the various rooms at all and are not accidentally released”.

Claim 5: “Corona is harmless for young people”

And finally, the virologist does away with the fairy tale that young and fit people would, in the worst case, suffer from mild symptoms after an infection. From a statistical point of view, this is true, he says. “But it can always be that young people and fit people also have very severe symptoms or even die from them. Several cases have already shown this.”


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