Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown: the list of trophies is available

News tip Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown: the list of trophies is available

Available June 1 on PlayStation 4, and offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers for its release, Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is a remaster of Virtual Fighter 5, released on arcades in 2006 and on consoles in 2007. On this occasion, we reveal to you his list of trophies.

Find below the list of 13 trophies from Virtua Fighter 5 : Ultimate Showdown, available on the June 1st sure PlayStation 4 (9 bronze, 3 argent, 1 or).

Bronze trophies (9)

  • I won !

    Defeat Dural and complete Arcade Mode. Buy a boat or a fish radar. So many decisions to be made …

  • I’ll show you … the result of my training.

    Play 1 Combat according to ranking. Is your Kung-fu worthy of the name? I’m just getting started!

  • Here I am !

    Play 1 Combat Room. A ninja evolves hidden … A ninja is not at ease in … the crowd.

  • You did not understand correctly! I am the best there is.

    Send a reaction. The essence of wrestling is to put on a show, you are now a wrestler!

  • Back to the lab

    Train in TRAINING. The important thing for a sumo is the daily training … Nothing like a face to face training!

  • I will not lose!

    Play 300 Fights according to ranking. Did you think I was just a spoiled rotten rich son? You shouldn’t have underestimated me.

  • Next time I’ll hold back my shots.

    Play 100 Battle Rooms. This is just the beginning … How else am I supposed to become the queen of the world of Virtua Fighter?

  • My own power impresses me!

    Used two characters and fought 200 Combat Room fights with each. It is the strength that I have always sought! Feel the ancient power of kung fu!

  • hya hya

    Fought 50 Tournament or Championship Battles in the Fighting Room. Come face me with your fighting style! My kung fu will get the better of you!

Silver trophies (3)

  • You are far from ready to face the master!

    600 Ranking fights played. My Koen-Ken is not flinching. You’re not going to make a mountain out of it, are you?

  • No one can stop me.

    200 Battle Rooms played. Pff … Sarah is the only one who can really stop me.

  • I am the ultimate fighter!

    Used two characters and fought 300 Ranked Battles with each. I exceeded everyone’s expectations … Soon I will master all the characters!

Gold trophy (1)

  • Come back in ten years!

    1200 fights played. It’s easy for a martial arts fanatic like me … I want to face someone stronger!

Virtua Fighter 5 Complete Solution Summary: Ultimate Showdown

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