Virtual fraud: Formula E professional causes scandal

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Daniel Abt caused a scandal in the Formula E scene.

Picture: Twitter / Audi Sport

The “Race at Home Challenge” was launched because Formula E can only continue its season in July at the earliest. All 24 professionals of the electric racing series duel from home in the racing simulator. At least in theory, as it turns out.

There are eight races in the “Race at Home Challenge” until June 7th. One goal of the competition is to collect donations for UNICEF and thus support families and children particularly affected by the Corona crisis.

The fifth race on the virtual course of Berlin-Tempelhof was on Saturday. Oliver Rowland won ahead of Stoffel Vandoorne.

Daniel Abt was in third place. However, the German did not drive the e-sports race himself, as came out shortly afterwards. In his place, he had his racing car driven by an e-sports professional, the Austrian Lorenz Hörzing.

The dizziness was blown up after several of Abbot’s driver colleagues were amazed at how competitive the Audi driver was suddenly. In addition, the face of the person, who could be seen in the livestream in his simulator, was always conspicuously hidden.

Punishment and apology for the sinner

The penalty immediately followed: Abt will not only have the points withdrawn from the Berlin race, but from the entire course of the “Race at Home Challenge” so far. In addition, the 27-year-old has to donate 10,000 euros to a charity of his choice. His substitute driver Hörzing, on the other hand, may “only” compete in his class of e-sports professionals at the “Race at Home Challenge”, as reported by “motorsport-total”.

“I would like to apologize to Formula E, all my fans, my team and my driver colleagues for using outside help for the race on Saturday,” said Abt in a statement. «I didn’t take it as seriously as I should have. I am very sorry because I know how much work Formula E has put into this project. »

And: “It is clear to me that my offense has a bitter aftertaste, but it was never intended for bad intentions,” continues Abbot.

Whether the excuse for cheating at a virtual championship with his competitors, including the three Swiss Formula E drivers Neel Jani, Nico Müller and Sébastien Buemi, is more than questionable.


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