virtual lines to buy at Alkosto

Alkosto is once again in the eyes of buyers and the great challenge it has in this third day without VAT is to give good support and a better shopping experience to users who want to get the most out of this new journey.

But nevertheless, the newspaper La República ensures that virtual lines are already registered and that users have to wait up to half an hour to buy a product this Thursday, and that there is still more than a day to start the day of the purchases that, again, bet by the commerce through Internet.

According to that medium, this morning they did the exercise of entering to the Alkosto page and they came across an image that says, “Please wait your turn.” The virtual row had more than 5,000 people ahead waiting to buy or consult.

Also, in the image you can see a notice that tells the user that it can take about 24 minutes to enter without problem.

Contario in Alkosto, other companies were cured in health and chose to improve their platforms to respond properly on the day without VAT this Saturday. For example, Grupo Éxito activated a pre-sale strategy so that people can register in advance and make purchases without problem during the day.

Third day without VAT in Colombia

This November 21 will be the third day without VAT in Colombia with the aim of leveraging trade, so affected by the crisis, and anticipating Christmas shopping. In short, says the Government, that Colombians go ahead and make their virtual purchases.

For this, different public entities and private companies made the decision to pay the Christmas premium in advance and these days they consign their workers.

For which products does the day without VAT apply?

All products of technology and appliances, clothing, footwear, school supplies, toys, sports equipment and the rest of the categories that received the benefit on the second day of the day without VAT will have the same discount on November 21, assured Jaime Alberto Cabal, president of the merchants, in Blu Radio.

What products can be purchased virtually on a day without VAT?

Technology products, among which are computers and cell phones, and household appliances can only be purchased on the virtual platforms of the stores, Cabal told the aforementioned media.


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